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A delegation from Canary Islands’ autonomic government paid a recent visit to Sancti Spiritus’s Natural and Traditional Medicine Laboratory in order to supervise the development of a project being carried out in that center with the cooperation of that brother country.

According to Elsa Casas Cabello, Canarian government’s commissioner for External Action, “this laboratory’s tasks constitute a wonderful initiative because the traditional medicine procedures are not in use anymore in many countries. I think it’s
excellent that Cuba, and Sancti Spiritus in particular, rescue a tradition that contributes to the health of the people, it’s a source of new jobs and it’s a sort of reference for other provinces”.

The Canarian cooperation will allow the laboratory to be furnished with new equipments both for the production and distribution of the drugs as well as other necessary items to improve the working environment.

The Canarian delegation was also integrated by Guillermina Hernández Martín; deputy chancellor of Emigration and Cooperation for America and Miguel Angel Machín, general director of that body.

A long tradition of friendship has characterized relations between Canary Island and Sancti Spiritus, a large community of Canarians reside at Cabaiguan, a municipality from this province at the central part of the Caribbean island.

A Canary island cooperation project is underway.


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