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The National Commission of Candidates (CCN) assessed on Friday merits of the 614 Cuban deputies to the parliament to nominate those who will hold the main leading posts of that legislative organ.

As announced by First Vice President Raul Castro, the parliamentarians elected by valid vote of 95.24 percent will establish the new National Assembly on February 24.

On that day, the CCN will submit proposals for the posts of President, Vice president and Parliament Secretary as well as the candidates to the Council of State, the highest representation of the country between periods of the National Assembly.

According to article 74 of the Cuban Constitution the Council of State will be made up of a President (Government and State chief), first Vice President, five Vice Presidents, a secretary and 23 other members.

Deputies will receive the biographical synthesis of the 614 elected officials and other materials that will allow more preparation at the time of expressing their criteria, affirmed CCN President Amarilys Perez to Gramma newspaper.

Source: Sierra Maestra

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