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 A Declaration of Love to Trinidad Colonial City

A photo exhibit that reflects emblematic places of Trinidad City will remain open at the City Conservatives Office as part of the activities for the anniversary of one of the first townships founded in Cuba.

Architect Lázaro Morgado is the author of the exhibition, oriented at two major directions: to call the attention on the potentialities of Trinidad and to suggest actions to conserve and transform the colonial city at the same time.

Lázaro explained to Cubasí that his concern is to show the degree of universality and transcendence that Trinidads heritage has reached, thats why he placed modern foreign monuments in certain places of his native city, to find a sort of parallelism contributing to measure it.

The commitment of each generation with conservation, but also with the enrichment of heritage is another of his viewpoints; according to him, its not necessary to fear the symbol, elements that in another time had a meaning that distances from our current social and ideological definitions, can be resemantized through renovating actions, able to change codes and to get in contact with contemporary reality. Hence the virtual reconstruction of apparently obsolete spaces, for which revival is still possible.

Its not only a photo exhibit but also a prayer, a call, a tribute, a declaration of love to the city and the proposal to rescue it, to show it in all its magnitude before the eyes of locals and foreigners.

Source: CubaSi

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