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Yusa in Brazil

After her performance in the closing ceremony of the 15th Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Cuban singer Yusa presented her versatile music in a concert in Sao Paulo.

The Cuban singer/composer will review the most well-known songs from her two singles such as "Una vaca y una foca"; "Re-Nacimiento"; "La espera"; "De colores"; "Del miedo"; "Naufragio" and "Breathe".

Starting 9:00 pm (local time), the SESC Pompéia cultural center hosted the author music of the Cuban singer who never doubts to play the bass and the guitar in her concerts and to flirt with different styles such as bolero, jazz or Brazilian music.

The show is the artist's response to an invitation of the Cultural Center of Spain in Sao Paulo.

Despite this is Yusa's first concert in the South American country, she's well-known by the Brazilian public for her participation in the Planetary trio along with Brazilian composer/singer Lenine and Argentine percussionist Ramiro Musotto.

In 2004, the three recorded "Cité de la Musique" in Paris, which formed part of the CD and DVD "Lenine InCité".

That same year, the singer participated in the album "Cuba 21", compilation of music of the Caribbean Island in which Yusa sang a song alone and two together with Interactivo group and that were launched in Brazil.

"I am shy and prefer to be accompanied on the stage", the artist told Folha daily in Sao Paulo.

Source: Cubarte

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