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Powerful Hurricane Dean menaces Jamaica

Jamaican soldiers and police patrolled the capital Kingston to prevent looting while the government declared a 48-hour curfew in industrial areas and bussed people to evacuation centers. Mudslides were reported north of Kingston and in the northeast parish of St. Mary. Read More

From Jamaica. On hurricane watch

Jamaica would suffer a devastating blow from Hurricane Dean. Whichever path it takes today, whether a direct hit on the island as forecast by meteorologists, or veering slightly to the north or south, the country is still likely to suffer significant damage to its physical infrastructure. Read More

Bulletin Hurricane Dean intermediate advisory number 25a , Outer bands of Dean about to reach Jamaica.

At 800 am edt 1200z the center of hurricane Dean was located near latitude 16.8 north, longitude 74.3 west or about 180 miles- 295 km east-southeast of Kingston Jamaica. Dean is moving toward the west-northwest near 18 mph-30 km/hr and this general motion is expected to continue for the next 24 hours. On this track the core of the hurricane will be very near Jamaica later today. Read More

Eastern Cuba reservoirs under close watchfulness

Due to the hurricane probable path and intensification in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, the Hydraulic Resources Institute in that territory ordered the fulfilment of measures in case of natural disasters. Read More

Cubas earliest roads stand in Camagüey

They are located in Sierra de Cubitas, in the eastern province of Camagüey. These works of nature are known as the Los Pasos, and they have been used since the pre-Columbian times as a passageway, even when its ground is characterized by red soil and sharp-edge rocks. Read More

On August 20, reason to confront shame once again

On August 20, the united actions by people of good will in the United States and other parts of the world can influence a decision that will mean the difference between reason and shame. Read More

Camagüey reports remarkable growth in egg production

Since the poultry industry began a gradual recovery three years ago, the egg production grew in a sustainable manner up to 2006 when 104 million units were reported, in the current year the producers foresee to compute a total of over 120 million eggs. Read More

Pineda Barnet filming again

The full length feature 'Te espero en la eternidad' approaches "the most dramatic phenomenon suffered by Cuban families, that of separation," and he is making it without the fear of repeating himself by dealing with a theme that he has taken to the screen on a number of occasions. Read More

Cuba defeated by U.S. Womens National Volleyball Team

Cuba absorbed its fourth loss (4-4) of the tournament and it must get loads of help on Sunday to qualify for the Finals. Read More

Cuba sends medical staff to Peru

The 42-member team includes specialists in general medicine, in orthopedics and traumatology, surgeons, intensive care, anesthesiologists, gynecologists, radiologists and epidemiologists, plus nurses and technicians. Read More