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Eastern Cuba reservoirs under close watchfulness
The reservoirs of Santiago de Cuba province, in Eastern Cuba, now at 91 percent of their full capacity, will be under a close watchfulness due to the threat of dangerous Hurricane Dean.

Due to the hurricane probable path and intensification in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, the Hydraulic Resources Institute in that territory ordered the fulfilment of measures in case of natural disasters.

One of the measures was the analyses by experts of 11 dams in different municipalities.

The level of accumulated water is 628 million 600,000 cubic meters and Baragua, in Mella municipality, Gilbert, in Palma Sorian municipality, and Joturo, in Songo-La Maya municipality, are the dams currently releasing water.

The capacity of Santiago de Cuba's dams is over 40 percent more than the one existing at the time of the triumph of the Revolution.

Source: Prensa Latina

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