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January 19th

In Cuba: International Encounter of Caribbean Journals

The journal Anales del Caribe, the expression organ from the Centro de Estudios del Caribe (Center for the Study of the Caribbean) from the Casa de las Américas, is announcing the International Encounter of Caribbean Journals, to take place between November 15 to 20, 2009. Read More

Cuba: Book on Cultural Consumption

The book "Participacion y Consumo Cultural en Cuba" (Participation and Cultural Consumption in Cuba), written by Celina Linares, Yisel Rivero and Pedro Moras, will be launched next Wednesday at the Juan Marinello Cultural Research Institute in Havana. Read More

Brazilian Artist Displays in Cuba

A song by Cuban singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez gave free rein to the imagination of artist Fernanda Vargas, who opened an exhibition here on the music and lyric of El escaramujo: the universe is my home. Read More

Namibia Military Mission to Cuba

A Namibia military delegation, led by Defense Minister from that African country General Major Charles Dickson Ndaxu Philip Namoloh, is to arrive in Cuba Sunday, the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) Ministry reported. Read More

George W. Bush Lamenting his Defeat Over Cuba

George W. Bush is another outgoing president that has not achieved that objective, despite his plan to re-conquer Cuba, approved on May 6th, 2004 and strengthened on July 10th, 2006, when a secret chapter was included in the Bush Plan. Read More

One of the Cuban Directors of Strawberry and Chocolate Premieres New Film

The latest film by Cuban director of Strawberry and Chocolate, Juan Carlos Tabio, named El cuerno de la abundancia (Horn of Plenty), was premiered on Thursday in the largest movies across the island. Read More

Obama signals uncertain time for fugitives in Cuba

William Potts calls himself the "Homesick Hijacker." U.S. authorities have another name for him: fugitive harbored by an enemy government - one of dozens of Americans hiding in Communist Cuba. Read More

Musica Cubana Magazine is ready to conquer its readers

Musica Cubana returns to its readers ready to conquer many more with present topics, as well as articles about national and international milestones about the diverse spectrum of the Cuban music, &quot;a sound history&quot;, as it is expressed in its presentation note.<br /> Read More

January 18th

Community Computer Clubs of Las Tunas, Cuba Intend to Improve Excellence in the Services

The workers of the 29 community computer clubs of Las Tunas receive the new year convinced that the training of the people and their healthy and instructive recreation in the youth and the children, require to improve the services. Read More

US Historians in Cuba on Slavery

US historians Ada Ferrer and Rebecca Scott gave a conference here on colonial powers and slavery in Haiti and Cuba, spanning over two centuries to issues of race addressed by Barack Obama last year. Read More