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Cuban artist to open a collection in the hall of the Chilean Maule Regional Theater
With the name of Concierto desconcierto, the artist christened the exhibition that will be opened next January 16 at 19:30 and which is to include close to nineteen pieces made in acrylic, in huge formats.

Completely figurative pieces, that highlight the participation of the human body, mixed with intense colors collected from the Cuban soul, are the driving force in Karel’s exhibition. “The name of the exhibition sets a certain word game, due to the influx of so many elements that apparently differ in color and by author; because I am doing a work that many in the art world characterize it as appropriation. That is to take a classic and take it out of context, creating a new piece with other elements,” said Fonseca.

Artists from different countries and time periods, such as Picasso, Murilo, Velásquez are taken by Karel in his work, “The names of my pieces are also a linguistic contribution that supports the images, with words that are sometimes in Latin that refer to a certain philosophy, religion or artist,” explained Fonseca.


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