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Cuban Leading Agro-Weather Society

Cuban scientist, Roger Vega, expert on climate change and agriculture was elected vice president of the International Society of Agricultural Meteorology. Read More

In Cuba: Van Van Still in the Party

This year 2009 comes for Cubans as a year of very special birthday, opening with the most important of the anniversaries: the half century of the Revolution that has changed all our lives and it will close in December with the 40th birthday of an emblematic Cuban band of popular music: Los Van Van.  <br />   Read More

In Cuba: José Martí Art Instructors Brigade in 50th Anniversary Guerilla

The José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BIAJM in Spanish) is undertaking until next January 8th, 2009 one of the greatest cultural routes of these last five years since that movement was constituted: the 50th Anniversary Brigade. Read More

Cuba to let construction of pvt homes

Cubans will be permitted to build their own homes and do so using private funds, President Raul Castro announced on Sunday, in  the latest reforms to back off the hardline communism of the past five decades. Read More

Announcing 7th International Humberto Solás Low-Budget Cinema Festival

It will not be enough to produce a liberating and independent cinema in the face of market pressures and its corresponding ideologies; it will not be enough that we produce works of identity, sometimes breaking the rules and experimental or often within the golden rules of dramatic writing or that drown us in the messianic role of forerunners. Read More

Novelties in the Cubadisco 2009 award

In its XIII edition, expected to take place from May 16 to 24, 2009, Cubadisco will have Puerto Rico as its Guest of Honor, a country to which we are linked through historic and cultural links, it will be dedicated to “Music and Children” and we will deal with different themes related to the “Southern Music.” Read More

More than 400 proposals in the next Havana Biennial

More than 400 proposals from 32 countries are being analyzed by specialists from the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, who are already working on the preparation of the X Havana Biennale, which will be 25 years old next year. Read More

Government fears new U.S. administration, affirms opposition member

The Cuban government fears “what an administration in the United States that is different from the previous administrations could mean”, said Manuel Cuesta, representative of the opposition Arco Progresista, a group with a social-democratic leaning. Read More

Sol Meliá Cuba Prepares 2009 Offers

The Spanish hotel chain Sol Meliá is preparing its 2009 offers in Cuba to meet the demand from the tourist sector. Read More

Panamanian President Reiterates Friendship Relations with Cuba

After arriving in this capital city on Saturday, Panama 's President Martin Torrijos said he came to reiterate bilateral friendship relations with Cuba on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution. Read More