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In Habana, Cuba: Ernest Hemingway Documents at the Disposal of Specialists

Havana`s Ernest Hemingway Museum will put a collection of documents of the celebrated US writer at the disposal of specialists, beginning January 5, 2009. Read More

50th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution Celebrated Around the World

The 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution was celebrated throughout the world on New Year's Eve as the clock struck 12 midnight in the different times zones of Asia, Africa and Latin America -- including the United States and Europe. Read More

Cuban President Raúl Castro Emphasizes Strength of Revolution

Cuban President Raúl Castro addressed the nation and the world from the historic site of the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park in Santiago de Cuba -- the exact spot where the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, delivered his victory speech on January 1st, 1959 -- 50 years ago. Read More

Fidel Castro Congratulates Cuban People

"I Congratulate Our Heroic People" says the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. Read More

A Cuban movie cycle in Mexico in tribute to the triumph of the Revolution

Well known Cuban movies will be screened in Toluca, the capital of the Mexican State, as part of the cycle in tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry will premiere one movie every month in 2009

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC, after its initials in Spanish) will premiere one movie every month in 2009, said to Cubasi, Omar Gonzalez, president of that cinematographic institution. Read More

The best composer to be awarded in Cubadisco 2009

A new category of the Cubadisco 2009 competition is the award to the best composer of a concert music piece within the monographic productions, announced in Havana the Organizing Committee. Read More

Informática 2009 will gather together in Cuba experts from all over the world

The International Fair Informática 2009 was presented here with the expectation of having more international presence than the previous edition. Informática 2009 is considered one of the main forums in this field in Latin America. Read More

The Tenth Havana Biennial will be inaugurated on March

The Tenth Havana Biennial will be inaugurated on March 27, 2009, on the date of the 25th anniversary of its foundation. On this occasion the event has been called together under the curatorial theme Integration and Resistance in the Global Era. Read More

Not on the Guinness, but Perhaps the Oldest Woman Lives in Cuba

Cuban Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodriguez is not on the Guinness Book of World Records, but she is 123 years old and could be the oldest living woman in the world. Read More