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Reflection of Fidel Castro: The 11th President of the United States

<br /> Cuban Revolution leader said new US President Barack Obama has comfortably stated that imprisonment and torture at the illegal Guantanamo Base would cease right away. Read More

Cuban artists and intellectuals call for a preservation of the patrimony

Some of the topics discussed at the National Council of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish) held in this capital, was to boost a cultural approach in the Cuban architecture and urbanism. Read More

Cuban Experts Promote Stem-Cell Therapy

Experts in the eastern Cuban province of Holguín have successfully treated patients with stem cells. Read More

National Book Design Award Granted in Cuba

A jury of Cuban intellectuals granted the 2008 National Book Design Award to José Manuel Villa Castillo (Villita). Read More

Cuba Plans to Expand Royal Palm Groves

Some 560,000 Royal palms, the island`s National Tree, are expected to be planted in Cuba this year as the species was seriously affected last year by the hurricanes that hit the country. Read More

Obama`s orders to close Guantánamo prison receive welcome

U.S. President Obama signed three executive orders and a presidential directive, asking for the closure of the controversial facility within one year, a systematic review of detention policies and procedures and all individual cases, and a ban on harsh interrogation methods. Read More

Russia-Cuba Commission in Session

A plenary session and 12 work groups with vicepresidents, ministers, deputy ministers and experts are officially meeting as of Thursday in this capital, to bring Russian-Cuban economic and trade links closer to the political relations level.Cuba, Russia Boost Economic-Commercial Ties Read More

Reflections by comrade Fidel: MEETING CRISTINA

We talked for 40 minutes. It was an intense and interesting dialogue; just as I expected. She is a person of deep convictions. There was no debate. Read More

Cuba Hosts 59th Marling Fishing Contest

Teams from 12 countries will meet at the 59th Ernest Hemingway International Marling shing Tournament in June.<br /> Read More

Cuba Celebrates New Lunar Year

The Chinese-Cuban community and the Rufino Alay Wushu School of Las Tunas province, in eastern Cuba, will celebrate the new lunar year on Jan 23-30, according to press reports. Read More