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January 21st

The edition of the South African-Cuban poetry book to be projected

The edition of a South African and Cuban poetry book gave its first steps during an interview between the Cuban ambassador here, Angel Villa and the president of the Association of South African Writers, Morakabe Raks Seakhoa.<br /> Read More

Libro mayor de Violeta Parra to be presented in the Book festival of Cuba

Isabel Parra, the daughter of the deceased Chilean singer and composer Violeta Parra, will travel to Cuba in February together with the president of the country, Michelle Bachelet, in order to present the re-edition of a book on her mother with which the Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez has collaborated. Read More

The second Portuguese tour of the Cuban children theater group La Colmenita to end

The Cuban children theater group La Colmenita ended very successfully its second tour around Portugal, after performing in nine important Portuguese cities in less than two weeks.<br /> Read More

Cuban writer Miguel Barnet on the Rómulo Gallegos Prize Jury

Cuban writer and ethnologist Miguel Barnet will be part of the panel of judges of the 16th International Rómulo Gallegos Novel Prize, made up by personalities from Latin American arts. Read More

January 20th

ANGIODIN Pletismograph, effective in the precocious diagnose for circulatory affections

Mounted in 35 Cuban health facilities and with more than 120 equipment exported, the system is outstanding for its non-invasive nature. Read More

Everything ready for the 7th Festival of Ancient Music in Cuba

The 7th edition of the Esteban Salas Festival of Ancient Music, organized by the City Historian Office and the Ars Longa Group will be on session here from January 31 to February 8 next. Read More

Seychelles Parliament President to Cuba

The Republic of Seychelles' Parliament president, Patrick Herminie, left for Cuba Monday for a 7-day official visit, invited by his Cuban counterpart, Ricardo Alarcon, diplomatic sources informed. Read More

Improved Rehabilitation Programs in Central Cuba

Rehabilitation programs have been upgraded in central Sancti Spiritus province to improve patients' quality of life. Read More

Hansel and Gretel by Cuba-Canada Ballet Project in Hamilton

The Dance School of the National Ballet of Cuba in Canada, led by Miriam Vila, will premiere Hansel and Gretel in Hamilton, as part of a Cuba-Canada project that started last December with the performance of the Nutcracker. Read More

Cuban dissident Paya calls for national dialogue

Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya called for a &quot;national dialogue&quot; between the communist-led nation's government and its opponents, with the hope that Cuban leaders will be more open to change after U.S. President-elect Barack Obama takes power. Read More