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Cuban Lizt Alfonso Ballet to Egypt and Holland

The Lizt Alfonso Cuban Dance company will carry to Egypt and Holland its show Fuerza y compas (Force and Beat) although the company still lacks a timetable for this first quarter.<br /> Read More

The 2008 Félix Varela Award was given to Cuban doctor Pedro Pablo Rodríguez

The 2008 Félix Varela Award was given to doctor Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, specialist from the Centro de Estudios Martianos (Center for the Study of Martí), by the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País (Economic Society of Friends of the Country) in an event that took place in the Literature and Language Institute from this capital.<br /> Read More

Increase in the international demand of Cuban recording industry

More than a hundred albums from very different genres in music appear among the internationally best sold Cuban albums for the year 2008, according to the digital site of the Bis Music Record Label. Read More

Cuba Launches DVD on Playa Giron Events

A DVD with the history of the mercenary invasion on Playa Giron is one of the most recent production of EGREM, the oldest Record Company in Cuba. Read More

Cuba Participates in Tourism Fair in Holland

The Cuban stand at the International Tourism Fair of Utrecht in Holland was highly commended by local newspapers, which also reported on the advantages of traveling to the Caribbean nation. Read More

The Segunda cita: Provisional title of the first major music production by Silvio Rodríguez in 2009

Segunda cita (Second date) is the provisional title of the first major music production by Silvio Rodríguez in 2009, which has already ended its recording process in the Ojalá recording studios and which brings together themes composed over the last two years, informed the digital site, Cubadebate. Read More

First Defibrillating Pacemaker Implanted in Cuban Province

The first permanent defibrillating pacemaker implanted in Cuba outside Havana is carried by Alvaro Morgado Martínez, an 82-year old patient from Holguin who suffers from a malignant heart condition. Read More

Canadian Scientist Acknowledges Achievements of Cuban Cardiology

Naranjan Dhallas, Director of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences of Winnipeg, Canada, praised on Wednesday Cuba’s achievements in the field of cardiology. Read More

Jardines de la Reina, one of the least studied archipelagos in Cuba

“How do you stand the mosquitoes?” Fabián Pina Amargós shrugs his shoulders and begins to laugh, “No problem, those who love the ocean have to accept the negative aspects as well.” And he should know. In 1995 he graduated from Marine Biology at the University of Havana. Read More

Argentinean Guitarist Amestro Victor Pellegrini Tours Cuba East to West

Argentiean Guitar Amestro Victor Pellegrini will start an east-to-west tour across Cuba this Friday in Guantanamo city with the first of 15 concerts, closing the tour at the Amadeo Roldan Theater in this capital. Read More