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A more human side of the guerrilla.

Another Argentine film, showing outside of the competition, and on its world premiere, is the documentary Che: The New Man, by the eminent director Tristán Bauer, which, as Alfredo Guevara, founder of ICAIC and the Festival, has said, is an attempt to show a more human side of the guerrilla.

In a press conference, the Festival president affirmed that the documentary presents unedited footage of the personal and amorous life of Che guarded by his widow, Aleida March, and, he stressed, "those of us who were close to Che as friends know that Che was what he was, the demanding – at times acerbic guerrilla, although that is never said – but at the same time a man of infinite humanity."

Tristán Bauer worked on his project for more than 10 years and had access to secret archives of the Bolivian army – which executed Che in October 1967 – and those from the Che Guevara Studies Center in Cuba.

His seven films include the multi-prized Iluminados por el fuego (2005), which opened the Havana Festival in 2006, and the medium-length film Evita, una tumba sin paz (1997).

Source: Cubarte

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