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The fishing tournament seeks to promote friendship among fishing lovers.

Organizers of the Ernest Hemingway International Marlin Fishing Tournament asked the U.S. government to allow fishermen from that country to participate in this year’s event in Cuba.

In a press conference offered Tuesday by Commodore of the Cuban International Nautical Club Jose Miguel Díaz at the Hemingway Marina, he noted that the traditional event is dedicated to the American writer and stressed that Hemingway has become a symbol of fraternal relations between the American and Cuban people.    

Diaz stressed that the fishing tournament seeks to promote friendship and develop bonds among fishing lovers.

He added that this year the event marks the 50 anniversary of the only encounter between Fidel Castro and Hemingway that took place in 1960, during the 11th tournament. On the occasion, a plaque in honour to the two personalities will be unveiled at  the Marina.
The event includes exchange with participants in that historical tournament on 1960 like ship captain Julio Arocha as well as meetings about sports journalism and an exhibit dedicated to the tournament.
Hemingway’s niece Hillary Hemingway and the president of the Foundation and Society named after the writer, James H.  Meredith, are expected to attend the event.

The International Marlin Fishing Tournament was first held on May 26, 1950, and it is one of the eldest of the world.
The competition is developed under the modality of Tag & Release with the purpose of protecting the species.

Fishermen will go for the highest scores for the capture of a Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Spearfish.


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