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Diversifying culture is the goal of local authorities in the province since 2008.

The main movie theatres in the territory recover their constructive splendour and are provided with the latest audio and video technology as to become centres for cultural life in the nine municipalities of Santiago de Cuba.

The director of the Film Centre in Santiago de Cuba Yoan Serguera explained there are a total of 29 cinemas in the province, of which 19 are working right now.

According to the Director of Culture in the province Dania Mesa it has been an expensive process in the main theatres of each municipality due to its high degree of deterioration.

 The restoration works include refurbishing of furniture, air conditioning and painting of the facilities and replacement of curtains and bathrooms as well.

Given the importance of the cinemas in each territory where sometimes there is no room for other activities and the need to expand choices for the people it was decided to give a multi-purpose use to these institutions, said Serguera.

Local authorities are expecting to have more visitors due to the variety of programs foreseen which includes art students from different levels.

Source: Cubarte

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