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It’s about a week of this art from the island and the event starts with Mauricio’s pages (Páginas de Mauricio) .

"Páginas del Diario de Mauricio", is one of the films exhibiting in Montpellier, at the South of France where films and short films are being showed together with countless exchanges and debates with intellectuals and youngsters from this region.

Under the name of Cuban identities and realities through the movie, journeys count with the sponsorship of “Friendship Montpellier-Cuba Solidarité, that pays tribute to the 50 anniversary of the creation of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film, (ICAIC).

Guests from Cuba are Lourdes de los Santos and Liván Magdaleno, and the officer from ICAIC, María Padrón, who attended the opening gala of the event at Montpellier City Hall.

According to the organizers the idea showed up during the Encounter with the Mediterranean Movie made in this city  and joined the homage to the Havana Film Festival received during the traditional event in Biarritz during last October.

Magdaleno and De los Santos talked with the local media and exchanged with students and spectators in general on the present dynamics of the Caribbean island and the seventh art as a whole.


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