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Para regalarle a nuestras madres en Cuba en su dia.

La celebración del Día de las Madres es toda una tradición en Cuba. A través de usted puede enviar, en tan señalada fecha, las esperadas flores, los cakes, perfumes y cestas con confituras, entre otras variadas ofertas especialmente preparadas para ese dia Read More

Great efficacy of the Cuban Antimeningococic Immunoglobulin

The successful use of the specific immunoglobulin antimeningococic (IGAM) in Cuba has allowed saving many children and adults, stated Doctor of Sciences Gustavo Sierra, Vice President of Finlay Institute. Read More

Brazil's Petrobras Company is studying Oil Potential in Cuban Waters

Brazil's state run oil company Petrobras is studying the possibility of oil exploitation in Cuba, according to Director of International Operations Jorge Zelada. Read More

"Mario Sanchez" senior citizens Center in Holguin province, Cuba, Nominated for National Restoration Award

The "Mario Sanchez" senior citizens center in Holguin province, built nearly a 100 years ago, is nominated for the National Award for Restoration for the renovation work being carried out there. Read More

The Brigade of Solidarity Giovanni Ardizzone Italy-Cuba Contributes to the Culture in Las Tunas

The Brigade of Solidarity Giovanni Ardizzone, from the region of Lombardy, in its seventeenth visit to this eastern province of Las Tunas, will benefit with its social works to the theater for children Raúl Gómez García of this city. Read More

General Secretary of the Association of Caribbean States Arrives in Cuba on Tuesday

The General Secretary of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Luis Fernando Andrade, will arrive in Cuba on Tuesday night for an official visit at the invitation of Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque. Read More

Pinar del Río, Cuba prioritizes conservation of hydraulic infrastructure

To keep the good conditions of the reservoirs and canal networks in the territory is part of the prioritized actions of Pinar del Río in order to protect water, due to its shortage. Read More

Energy Revolution Benefits: 26, 000 Inhabitants in Las Tunas, Cuba

In the last three years some 26, 000 inhabitants of this eastern province of Las Tunas have been benefitted by the program of the Energy Revolution that Cuba develops in the whole territory. Read More

Lorna Burdsall US-born Cuban dancer, choreographer and professor Wins 2008 Cuban National Dance Prize

Born in Preston, Connecticut, Burdsall has been linked for more than 50 years to the creation, development and promotion of dance in Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean. Read More

DVD collection titled 'Open Rallies of the Revolution is a grand cuban multimedia work comprising 37 volumes

The DVD collection titled 'Open Rallies of the Revolution is a grand multimedia work comprising 37 volumes that feature various manifestations carried out by the Cuban people, as part of the general action named by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as the Battle of Ideas. Read More