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Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage said that national food programs growth

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage said here that national food programs are growing to confront price hikes on the world market. Cuba will invest this year one billion dollars more than in 2002 on food imports, assured Lage at the end of his tour of this province, where he attended the opening of a pasta factory. Read More

Important Achievement of the Cuban Revolution: The Daycares

The daycares, created on April 10, 1961 in Cuba, surpassed the purposes of an idea that was broadly admired in this Caribbean nation, to become a valuable solution in the education of the young generations and in the full integration of the woman in the society. Read More

Cuba: Catholics ask to the Cuban president to show his cards

Catholic magazine "Espacio Laical" affirm the Church's commitment to building up Cuba, but asked President Raul Castro to unveil his political agenda. Read More

Change of Bulbs Saves Electricity in Las Tunas, Cuba

A program guided to the electricity saving in state entities, is carried out in this eastern province of Las Tunas, by means of the substitution of the first 1,947 bulbs by others that are thrifty. Read More

Assist to Cubadisco 2008: Justin Tchatchoua, an artist from Cameroon

One of the artists who will be presented by the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (General Society of Authors and Editors) from Spain (SGAE in Spanish) in the coming Cubadisco event will be the artist from Cameroon Justin Tchatchoua. Read More

1st Itinerant Cinema Festival of the Caribbean in France

Sponsored by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), Paris will receive from the 14 up to the 18 of April the 1st Itinerant Cinema Festival of the Caribbean. Read More

Cuba are as rich as that the Galapagos Islands and compare also to certain ecosystems of Africa

The ecological diversity of the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa mountain range, in eastern Cuba, is among the richest in the world, a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) representative said on Thursday. Read More

Cuba to advance in computerization of society

In the region of the Sierra Maestra in the eastern province of Granma there are different courses of information technology being taught that stimulate the knowledge and use of free software, apart from the creation of computer programs. Read More

The world food crisis

The protests have been triggered by rising food prices, both as a result of international factors such as oil price and grain price increases and the impact of bad weather on agriculture, creating shortages in production and consequently, an increase in agricultural and food prices. Read More