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DVD collection titled 'Open Rallies of the Revolution is a grand cuban multimedia work comprising 37 volumes
Between December 1999 and March 2005, a total of 185 open rallies were held in the 169 Cuban municipalities island wide. Conceived as a legacy for future generations, the DVD collection highlights the historical, cultural and political values of this type of action.

The Open Rallies of the Revolution have served as a public platform for Cuba to confront Washingtons constant aggressions and threats. They also function to reaffirm Cubas independence and sovereignty and the islands defense of justice, human rights, the rights of all nations and Cubas solidarity with all the peoples of the world.

They act as an expression of Cubas strong position against war and terrorism and in defense of environmental preservation and in favour of a better world without any kind of discrimination.

The multimedia includes speeches by Fidel Castro and other leaders, social and economic information on the municipalities where the open rallies were held plus images of local symbols and their meaning. Other elements introduce us to patriots of the regions with their biographies. There are also segments of cultural presentations given during these open rallies, pictures of mural paintings and the chants and slogans uttered by Cubans at these events.

Central issues during the open rallies have included, among others, the battle for the return of Cuban child Elián González --kidnapped by the Miami-based anti-Cuba mafia-- and the campaign to win the release of the five Cuban political prisoners unjustly held in US prisons for fighting terrorism.

The multimedia work is a tribute to the dignity of the sons and daughters of this small island nation who have long dedicated their lives and energy to the defense of freedom and human dignity and the construction of a better world where justice, peace and love prevail.


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