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Low-Budget Cinema Fest In Gibara, (Cuba) From 14-21 April

The 6th annual Low-budget Film Festival will take place from 14-21 April in the fishermens town of Gibara, in the Cuban eastern province of Holguín. According to Humberto Solás, an outstanding Cuban filmmaker and the president of the organizing committee, low-budget cinema is not a dogma or a scheme, but a resource in its own means. Read More

Regional Workshop on Hurricane Press Coverage in Havana

Journalists from some fifteen countries of the Caribbean Basin will take part on a regional workshop on hurricane press coverage 14-16 April Read More

Nigerian Culture Minister Adetokumbo Kayode to 2008 International Cubadisco Festival

Nigerian Culture Minister Adetokumbo Kayode confirmed on Friday he will attend the 2008 International Cubadisco Festival, to be held next month in Havana. Read More

Ciego de Ávila, Cuba Guarantees the Production of 5 000 Queen Bees in Genetic Center

The beekeepers from Ciego de Ávila province met the need for new hives on obtaining 5 000 queen bees in their genetic center during the last 14 months. Read More

United States has Begun a New Visa Programme to Reunite Cuban Families

The United States has begun a new programme to reunite Cuban families, which has renewed the hopes of potential migrants from the island who have family members in the United States. The U.S. government hopes to fulfil the goal of issuing 20,000 immigration visas a year, as agreed in a longstanding bilateral treaty. Read More

The agenda of the Social movements it includes: The Cuban Five

The injustice against the Cuban Five, who were in the U.S. trying to stop terrorism against Cuba and the world, was the center of one of the most passionate moments of the 7th Hemispheric Meeting against Free Trades Agreements. Read More

Hemispheric Encounter against Free Trade Agreements Concludes on Friday at Havanas Convention Center

The 7th Hemispheric Encounter against Free Trade Agreements (FTA) concludes on Friday at Havanas Convention Center with positive results for unity and action after five days of sessions. Read More

Cuba: Education Moves Forward in Sancti Spiritus

Over 97 000 students from all educational levels attend classes every day in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus. Read More

University of Information Technologies are a Priority for the Cuban Government

Artemisa, Manzanillo in Granma, and Morón in Ciego de Ávila are the three municipalities that take in the 972 young people that so far are members of this plan. A number that is part of the 11,200 students all over the country who are part of the Futuro project, lead by the Havana University of Information Technologies. Read More

Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez received the tribute for his 35 years of artistic life in Rome.

The Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez Zayas, received the tribute for his 35 years of artistic life from the Italian-Latin American Institute (IILA in Spanish) in Rome. Read More