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After 47 Years of the US Bombardments: Cuba Still Resisting

On April 15th, 1961, B-26 airplanes disguised with the insignia of the Cuban Air Force bombarded two air bases and a civilian airport in Cuba, a prelude to the US backed mercenary invasion on April 17th. Read More

Cuban Oil Refineries: Substitute Imports

The production of plates for cracking towers in Cuba will substitute imports of these parts and accessories for all the oil refineries of the country and those linked to the regional ALBA integrating project. Read More

Camagüey, Cuba Restoring Churches "La Soledad" and "La Merced"

"La Soledad" Church and "La Merced" Complex (church and convent), two symbolic buildings of the colonial architecture in this city, have been nominated to the National Awards of Restoration and Preservation, respectively. Read More

Anatoly Karpov Chess Grand Master Arrived in Havana

In statements to the press, Russian chess Grand Master Anatoly Karpov said he was happy to be back in Cuba and spoke about his tight agenda for this visit. Read More

Inaugurated two modern polyclinics in Cienfuegos, Cuba, Vice-president Carlos Lage.

Carlos Lage, secretary of the Executive Committee of the Cuban Council of Ministers, took part in the inauguration of the Raúl Suárez Martínez University Polyclinic, a large, modern facility in the municipality of Rodas, province of Cienfuegos. Read More

Nominated for National Journalism Award Fidel Castro

The leader of the Cuban Revolution was nominated for the José Martí National Award for Journalism. Journalists from the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila nominated Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro for the José Martí National Award for Journalism, the highest distinction granted in Cuba in this field. Read More

Informática 2009 Conference will be held in Havana, from February: China Invited

China Invited Cuban Information and Telecommunication Conference. The Informática 2009 Conference will be held in Havana, from February 9 to 13, under the theme "New Technologies: Development and Sovereignty." Read More

Journalists from some Fifteen Caribbean Countries: Regional Workshop on Hurricane Press Coverage in Havana

In an effort to improve the quality of hurricane press coverage as a complement to measures aimed at minimizing damages, journalists from some fifteen Caribbean countries are attending a regional workshop on the topic running from April 14 to 16 in Havana. Read More

Cuba defended at UNESCO the need to foster South-South cooperation to counteract the inequalities

Cuba defended at UNESCO the need to foster South-South cooperation to counteract the inequalities caused by globalization, which work against underdeveloped nations. Read More

Use in Cuba for Fight Dengue Mosquito New Product, Patented by LABIOFAM Laboratories

Researchers of the Cuban National Bio-preparation Center are involved in the making of a compound to counteract proliferation of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of the dengue, reported Prensa Latina news agency. Read More