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Las Tunas, Cuba: Plenary of the Communist Party Debates Agenda to Substitute Imports.

The Plenary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba in Las Tunas carried out important debates on the substitutions of imports, starting from the potentialities of the territory in this field. Read More

Art Instructors in Junior High Schools in their Desire of Spreading the Cuban Culture

Art Instructors of this eastern province of Las Tunas work in all the junior high schools of the eight municipalities of this territory, in their desire of spreading the Cuban culture in the communities. Read More

A wonderful tribute to the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam

With his engrossing Flor luna (Moonflower), artist Wifredo Lam delivers the portrait of a woman with generous breasts, thorns in her hair (or is it a mane?), a Bogeyman face and a horse-like mouth rendered the more grotesque by what appears to be an engorged fang. Read More

Cuba and the imports of rice for the population

Cuba has begun clearing sickle bush from thousands of hectares of rice land as soaring prices force it to reconsider importing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the population's main staple, local media reported. Read More

"Larios" workshop gallery and its history in Camagüey, Cuba.

"Larios" workshop gallery remains as a delusion of grandeur trace left by those enormous housings built during the 18th century in the former village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. Read More

Danza Cuba returns to Canada with Lizt Alfonso

For most of us, Cuban dance is showgirls in feathered headdresses cha-cha-ing at the Tropicana or the sweaty couplings in the underground salsa clubs of Havanas Miramar district. Lizt Alfonso Danza Cuba, the biggest dance troupe to come out of the country, explodes all those preconceptions. Read More

''No-Budget'' Film Festival to Award Best Movie on Marginalized Groups

The jury of the Sixth International 'No-Budget Film Festival, in Gibara, Cuba, will award the Latin American documentary that best expresses the values of small communities and marginalized groups. Read More

EXPOCARIBE: Foreign Business for Cuba Trade Fair to take place in Santiago de Cuba

Business people from several countries show increasing interest in participating in the EXPOCARIBE Business Fair to take place in Santiago de Cuba in June, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the second largest business event in Cuba. Read More

Cuba at Sister City Convention in Malaysia

Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia Carlos Amores is representing the island at the Eighth Melaka Twin Cities International Convention in Malacca. The strategically located city facing the Straight of Malacca was occupied over history by the Dutch, Portuguese, English and Japanese and has a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Read More

Tenth International Conference on African and Afro-American Culture in Santiago de Cuba

The Tenth International Conference on African and Afro-American Culture comes to a close last Thursday with the presence of more than a hundred researchers and representatives from Angola, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, Burkina-Faso, the Congo, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. Read More