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Cuba and nine other nations voted against a standard Open Format proposed by Microsoft

Microsoft won an international standards designation for its open document format, according to a copy of voting results obtained Tuesday, apparently ending a divisive year-long battle with some of its software rivals before a global standards-setting organization. Read More

Controversy in Cuba: The Private Tutor

Juventud Rebelde newspaper takes up the topic of private tutors. Some parents see it as something necessary, others as something they cant afford Read More

Biennial of Dance of the Caribbean in Cuba started with the right foot

It is no coincidence that the first Biennial of Dance of the Caribbean, which Cubans have anxiously awaited for quite a while, is taking place along with the spirited 15th Meeting of World Ballet Academies. Its no coincidence at all. Read More

Cuban universities go hand in hand with the countrys progress: VIII International Scientific Conference.

Cuban universities go hand in hand with the countrys progress. In several cases the development process is lead by higher education centers in close relationship with society, which reality might be observed by the attendants to the VIII International Scientific Conference to be held in Ciego de Ávila University, Cuba. Read More

Cubas New Citrus Refrigeration with a Capacity of Storing More than a Half Million Tons of Fruit for Export

A modern citrus refrigeration complex with a capacity of storing more than a half million tons of fruit for export is near completion in Matanzas. Read More

Cuba is opening up unused land to private farmers and cooperatives

Cuba is opening up unused land to private farmers and cooperatives as part of a sweeping effort to step up agricultural production. Read More

7th Congress of the UNEAC: Cultural Struggle Stands for Survival of Humankind

The opening Tuesday of the 7th Congress of the Cuban Union of Artists and Writers underlined the idea that the cultural struggle stands for the survival of humankind. Read More

After eliminating difficulties Cuba and Russia they increase their commercial relationships

Cuba and Russia must foster commercial exchange, after overcoming a period of difficulties in bilateral relations, Cuban Minister of Government Ricardo Cabrisas affirmed Tuesday. Read More

Presides over Opening of Cuban Artists Congress: Cuban President Raul Castro

Raul Castro is presiding over the inaugural session of the 7th Congress of the Union of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC), underway until next Friday at Havanas Convention Center. Read More

President Raúl Castro participates in the Congress of the UNEAC

Cuban President Raul Castro attends the sessions of 7th Congress of the 7th Congress of UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba). Read More