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The Brigade of Solidarity Giovanni Ardizzone Italy-Cuba Contributes to the Culture in Las Tunas
As part of the collaboration Cuba-Italy that voluntary work brigade will contribute to the total repair of that cultural institution that will open its doors to the public with a bigger capacity, some 162 seats.

During their stay until next day 24 in the territory, the Brigade will donate books and toys for the children, as well as materials that will also favor the Folkloric Dance Group Onilé. They will also carry out a monetary contribution to to several centers of the Public Health in the province.

This brigade of Solidarity is part of the twinning between the region of Lombardy and Las Tunas, annually coordinated by the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) and its delegation in this province.

During the stay in Las Tunas the members of that brigade will pay homage to Giovanni Ardizzone in a site to his memory in the medical school Zoilo Marinello. They will also exchange with youths in the student recreational center Simón Bolívar and will visit the primary school Mártires del 28 de diciembre.

Giovanni Ardizzone, a 21 year-olds medical student was murdered in a protest in Milan in favor of Cuba on 27 October 1962, during the October crisis.


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