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Pinar del Río, Cuba prioritizes conservation of hydraulic infrastructure
The province counts on 31 dams and micro-dams, 26 out of them in excellent conditions, since they have reported a perfect operation of the hydromechanical system and the means of communication, the documentation
updated and the perimetral areas clean, as well as other demands.

With that resource only, the storage capacity of the liquid upwards 829 million cubic meters, a figure almost twice higher than in 1959.

Added to the care of the reservoirs there is a systematic program of revision and restoration of the canal networks, an infrastructure that has been exposed to some damages mainly due to the economic crisis of the country during the 90s.

Its important part to approach this vital resource to the user has favoured the immediate development of repair projects intended to improve the service to residential and state sectors.

When the country is promoting a campaign of conscience towards saving, experts of Vueltabajo consider that to assume a more active attitude to solve the present-day problems constitutes an urgent duty.

While in Latin America only 2% of the population receives drinkable water, in Cuba the proportion of those who benefit from this service rises to 94 percent.

The reduction of this natural resource concerning amount and quality is an essential problem all over the planet, and to thwart it the nation is carrying out a multisectorial project which also includes reforestation, environmental education and the attention to hydrographic basins.


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