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The aqueduct system will be declared National Monument
The system of historic aqueducts of this capital will be declared National Monument on January 11th for being considered one of the seven wonders of the Cuban civil engineering.

Freya Matos, a specialist of the National Monument Commission (CNM, after its initials in Spanish), explained to AIN that the network has the Zanja Real that was built from 1566 as the first important hydraulic work made by the Spaniards in the so called New World. With this work the waters from the Almendares River reached the Havana bay.

The Francisco de Albear aqueduct, a Project that won the Gold medal at the 1878 Paris exhibition and was considered an engineer master piece of the XIX century is also part of the declared Monument.

The Albear aqueduct collect in great vase the water of about 400 springs from the area of Vento, about 16 kilometres from the centre of the city.

Today, with over 100 years working, this wonder of Cuban engineering is still in use and supply the 12 per cent of the water the city of Havana uses.

The CNM also gave the category of National Monument to the Mining Railroad System in Mayari, Holguin province and to Ernesto Triolet old French pharmacy in Matanzas, today the Pharmaceutical Museum.

In Cuba there are over 220 national monuments, among them historic centres, urban, cultural and natural sites and constructions.


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