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September 26th

Study says Cubans' weight loss in 1990s good for health

Between 1997-2002, deaths caused by diabetes declined by 51 percent, coronary heart disease mortality dropped 35 percent and stroke mortality by 20 percent. The economic crisis from 1989 to 2000 was a unique opportunity to observe the impact of population-wide weight loss in a country due to sustained reductions in caloric intake and an increase in physical activity, the researchers said. Read More

September 26th

My brother Noel Nicola

My brother Noel was born October 1946, a year before I was born, and he was the only child of a family of outstanding musicians. His father was Isaac Nicola, an example among Cuban guitar maestros. His loving mother was the outstanding violinist Eva Reyes, and his aunt Cuqui Nicola, a renowned professor of guitar. Read More

Cuban authorities exit during Bush's U.N. speech

The Cuban U.N. Mission fired back saying that the U.S. president is not in a moral position to criticize anyone. Read More

Beaches recuperated in western Cuba

The cleaning and reforestation of beaches and coastal communities such as Girón, Los Pinos, Punta Perdiz, Playa Larga and Caletón are some of the works carried out in Matanzas. Read More

September 25th

Strategies for improving services in Cuba

The current level of dissatisfaction with services is a sign of the need to make changes in the management system Read More

Half a century drought is over in Holguín

By mid 2006, conditions started to change favorably and the situation has shifted dramatically having 14 of 18 existing dams over full capacity by the end of the spring season. Read More

Las Tunas: donors guarantee plasm for surgical operations

This achievement makes unnecessary the family donations and allows having a surer and more stable source of blood in the hospitals. Read More

Cuban archbishop: Religious freedom slowly spreading on island

Archbishop Dionisio Guillermo Garcia Ibanez, named earlier this year to lead Catholics in Santiago, Cuba's second-largest city, said the church has been able to expand its reach, though it will be years before it achieves goals of even more openness. Read More

More bird species in cuban ecological reserve

The ecological reserve in Cayo Coco has 36 284 hectares with coral reefs, marine life and the Loma del Puerto dunes, the second highest in the Caribbean. Read More

Cubarte: Cuban Culture on the Internet

The web portal "Cubarte, the Cuban Cultural Website" was founded in 2001 and has since become a vital resource for accessing this nations culture in all of its manifestations. Read More