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Cuba slams US blockade difficulties

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque stated Tuesday that damages caused by the US blockade are over 89 billion dollars. Read More

Deliberate lies, strange deaths and aggression to the world economy. New Fidel Castro's reflections

The leader states that the United States keeps on buying raw materials, energy, advanced technology industries, the most productive lands and the most modern buildings on the face of our planet with paper money. Read More

Poetry springs up from canvas

With the title Historias de amor (Love stories), the show includes six paintings, 10 drawings, four ceramic wares and a bronze, made since 1980 and will remain in exhibition until the end of October. Read More

Award-winning Irish filmmaker to present -"One Man's Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA"

Dwyer will lead a discussion after the screening, and Agee will answer questions from Cuba via an international telephone hookup. Read More

Hermanos Saíz University to celebrate its 35 anniversary

The international symposium for the 35 anniversary is aimed at favoring reflections and international exchange on the scientific results, the missions and the functions of the University in the territory. Read More

Voters registration lists are already posted

The lists allow the citizens to check their names and correct data, in order to inform any error or omission. Read More

Pablo Milanés in Cantabria

A recital highly awaited by the highland public is announced now because the legendary author of Yolanda not only will give his interpretations but also will lead the two-voice show, on this occasion accompanied by his daughter. Read More

Spice boys of Grenada grouped with Trinidad and Cuba

The tournament which culminates at the Olympic Games Beijing (china) 2008 gets tougher at each stage. Read More

Cuba aims for top 10 in 2008 Olympics

"To give our people the joy of remaining in the 10 ten nations within the Olympic movement. We are not accustomed to failing the people," said Christian Jimenez president of the Cuban Sports Agency Read More

Cuban cinema in Latin America

Cuba is presenting its productions in Panamá, Mexico, Santo Domingo and Perú. Read More