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Argentine rock band makes video clip in Cuba

The lyric of the song deals with neoliberal globalization, so the clip includes images of signs in Cuban streets, and footage of the people. Read More

The westernmost municipality of Cuba gets first power generator

Sandino municipality is getting now the highest power generation of the country per square meter, in addition to the support of the rest of the equipments already installed as part of the Energy Revolution. Read More

Fidel and Raul Castro awarded

Both lead the list of figures distinguished with the 50th anniversary decoration for outstanding revolutionary action. The awarding ceremony took place in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos, stage of a civic-military uprising against the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship on September 5, 1957. Read More

Workshop on children literature in Las Tunas

They will carry out readings of books in several schools of this town, at 637 kilometers to the east of Havana. The workshop, convoked in Las Tunas to the whole country by the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists, and the provincial Center of the Book and the Literature, concludes with the price-giving ceremony. Read More

The 47th contingent of the 'Jose Marti' European Brigade ratify solidarity with Cuba

During their stay in Cuba the visitors will carry out voluntary work in farms and will exchange experiences with Cuban youth, workers and leaders of political and grass-root organizations. They will also visit places of cultural, historic and economic interest. Read More

CNN covers the case of the Cuban Five

At the end of the interview with CNN, Leonard Weinglass, a member of the Cuban Five's defense team emphasized that the Cuban five were men who went to the United States after groups from southern Florida had attacked Cuba. Read More

Cuban Musician Jose Maria Vitier will lead his "Misa Cubana" in Dominican Republic

"Misa Cubana" has been performed some 80 times, 60 abroad and 20 in Cuba, stated the island's musician, but this is the first time I lead it on the day of the Virgin of Charity" Read More

Cuban doctors in Nicaragua are assisting population hard hit by Hurricane Felix

Cuban doctors in Nicaragua are ready to aid in any emergency situation that Hurricane Felix can provoke, according to the head of the brigade. Read More

Felix moving over northeastern Nicaragua, major flood threat

At 1100 am edt 1500z the Center of Hurricane Felix was located inland near latitude 14.3 north, longitude 83.9 west or about 40 miles-65 km west-northwest of Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. Read More

The super-revolutionaries

Cuban President Fidel Castro makes additional assessments of the world economy, in which the situation is described as increasingly uncertain in the face of fears of a prolonged economic recession similar to that of the 1930s. He also anaylzes the "super-revolutionaries" of the extreme left who are advising Cuba to adopt neo-liberal formulas as a magical solution to all its problems Read More