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Che Guevara's widow to launch Book of Memories

In March 2008 Aleida Marsh, Che's widow, will launch her book of memories entitled "Evocaciones" (Evocations). Read More

Charanga Habaneras latest hit announced

David Calzado released 11 themes of a fresh, varied and strong taste, which besides the traditional timba charangera includes an interesting incursion into the world of reggaeton with theme "El Canon" and even a beautiful ballad entitled "Dime quién". Read More

Cochlear implants benefit children in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

The cochlear implant is an electronic device that collects the sounds from the environment and turns them into electric energy which directly stimulates -by means of electrodes inserted in the cochlea- the ear nerve endings. These signals travel to the brain and are translated into sounds. Read More

Lawsuit against Silvio Rodríguez dropped in Chile

Silvio Rodriguez cancelled his concert in Talca, Chile over the high price of tickets. Preparations are now underway for the free concert he requested Read More

Biodiversity and phytosanitary problems to be discussed in Havana at the Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Growing

The Second International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Growing that opened on Monday will be held until Sept. 21 at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Read More

Carlos Varela's concert in Santiago de Cuba

Varela was equally acclaimed the very first time he sang in Guantánamo, what made him expressed his surprise in face of such an exciting experience. Read More

Cuban industry increases dairy production

The firm, Combinado Lácteo Escambray, which produces up to 40 percent of the country's ice cream output, was equipped with state-of-the-art technology that saves water and electricity. Read More

New offers at Paradisus Resorts Hotels

The inclusion of such offers as diving, luxury wedding programs and golf. Read More

Over 11,000 medical students in Camagüey

The school has 2,597 students majoring in medicine, 431 in stomatology, 4,863 in health technology, 121 in health psychology and 3,263 in nursing. Read More

Cuba animates childrens animated films

One of the events momentums came with Cubas animated films featuring director Juan Pardons anthological adventures of Elpidio Valdés, in recognition to a notable Latin American creator. Read More