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September 7th


Rogelio Martinez Fure has dedicated his live to preserve, understand and multiply this heritage that in Cuba has mestizo gestures, as he is. Rogelio is an intellectual who became seven decades of successful adventures last week. Read More

El Nicho, a paradise for vacationers

There you can find the countrys most outstanding waterfalls, nearly 15 meters high. El Salto, 300 kilometres from Havana, bathes its surroundings with a thin mist. Read More

Cuban achievements in mental health praised

Dr. Henrik Wahlberc, who is attending the 4th 'Psicohabana' 2007 International Conference praised the creativity of Cuban specialists and their system in which patients are inserted into social rehabilitation programs that develop their self-esteem. Read More

Publishing poems kept by Che

These poems were written down in a green notebook found along with Ches backpack his owner carried, when he was captured Bolivian army in 1967 and that was secretly kept in a safe by the military intelligence of that Andean nation, told Taibo II during the book launch. They are Pablo Neruda (Chile), Nicolás Guillén (Cuba), César Vallejo (Peru) and León Felipe (Spain). Read More

President of the Cuban Parliament attends the Congress of Latin American Studies Association in Montreal

The event will run until Saturday with the participation of some 6 000 academics from different nations who will debate the main issue entitled: "After the Washington consensus: collaborative Scholarships for a new America". Read More

Silvios songs drawn

Its a collection of paintings where Silvio Rodriguezs songs are reflected and that also show Cuba and his own experiences. Read More

Have you ever lost anything?

Yudenis Gomez Santana, a cashier, noticed that someone had left a wallet at the store counter. She didnt consider opening it, not even for curiosity. Read More

Carlos Varela in nationwide concert tour

The author of Jalisco Park and Como los peces begins his tour on Sunday September 9 in Cubas far eastern province of Guantanamo. Read More

Guama, a comfortable visit to the most authentic Cuban aboriginal hamlet

<span>When visiting the Monte-Mar Natural Park at the Zapata swamp, located 150 kilometers to the southeast of the Cuban capital, we can take a road back to the time of the Cuban aboriginal life.</span> Read More

September 6th

A fifth edition for the Cuban Festival in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts , Quebec , Canada

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts is located at 45 km of Montreal, in the province of Quebec. On an outdoor scene in George-Filion park the festival beat it's full rhythm during three days. Read More