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Cubas water reservoir levels high in 2007

The rainfall in the January-August period, 1,003 millimeters, represents 114 percent of the historical average. Read More

Cuba increased production of canned food

The Yayabo plant, in the provincial capital, has been remodeled to process more than 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables. Read More

New International Trade Arbitration Court in Cuba

The court is a branch of Cuba's Chamber of Commerce, replaces the Foreign Trade Arbitration Court that, for over 40 years, determined the relations between Cuban companies and their world counterparts. Read More

Cuban Sommeliers choose best Havana Cigars

The selection was made during a cigar-tasting meeting at the Hotel President in Havana by 27 experts, who have met regularly for several years to choose the best Cuban cigars. Read More

Cuba silver in the men's ten-meter platform synchronized event with Guerra and Fornaris

The Chinese dream team swept the first four golds on Saturday at the third and last leg of 2007 FINA Diving World Series. Read More

New ophthalmological facilities in Camagüey

An eye clinic was inaugurated in the provincial capital, where 3,522 patients have been operated on from January to date. Read More

Six countries to launch book on Che Guevara

Several books by Cuban writers Adys Cupull and Froilan Gonzalez on late legendary guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara will be published this year in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, Italy and China to commemorate his 80th birthday. Read More

Bureaucracy in Cuba: between distortion and rigidity

The bureaucracy will oppose anything that seems to limit its interests, its privileges, its ability to de-legitimize every constructive decision. Any legitimate freedom will face the bureaucracys hostility, in the form of indifference, extremism and distortion. Read More

Driulis González wins gold medal in Judo

With this triumph she became the only Cuban judoka with three golden medals in world events after obtaining the victory in Makuhari 1995 and Birmingham 1999 in 57 kilograms. Read More