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It's Santiago de Cuba; you will not be surprised by anything

<p class="MsoNormal"><span>Santiago de Cuba</span><span> is the second important city in the Republic of Cuba and it was the first capital of the country.<span> </span>The first settlement dates from 1515 although its foundation took place a year before by Diego Velasquez.</span> Read More

Castro's reflections: The empire and it s lies

This world cannot be saved -and this does not have anything to do with terrorism-- if this unfair economic and social order continues to be developed and applied; an order that is leading the world to disaster, along a path from which there is no escape for the 6.2 billion people living today and the future inhabitants of this planet, suffering ever greater destruction and plunged further into poverty, unemployment, hunger and despair. Read More

Cuba honors former chilean President Salvador Allende

Each year, Cuban students and Chilean residents on the island remember the date in which the constitutionally elected president was killed in 1973 Read More

Colombia's first lady visits Latin American School of Medicine

Lina Moreno de Uribe said that her presence in Cuba is to get a first hand look at the island's reality. She has already met with Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer and Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Minister Marta Lomas. Read More

Havana City Historian gets UN World Habitat 2007 Award

Eusebio Leal valued the significance that the "United Nations recognizes Cuba's efforts in the recovery of Old Havana". The International Committee unanimously agreed to give the award to Leal, "for his years of charismatic leadership, dedication to the restoration and conservation of Havana's Historic Center. Read More

Afro-Cuban Group wins gold at International Dance Festival

For the first time in the history of the world-famous dance competition "held in Dijon, France" Cubas Conjunto Artístico Maraguán walked away with the highest distinction Read More

Seven cubans athletes, tickets in hand to the finals of World Athletics 2007

Another four Cuban athletes are await for the decision of the IAAF, which has the right to invite competitors Read More

Cuba defeated Puerto Rico in Olympic Qualifying Soccer

On Tuesdays match Cuba defeated Puerto Rico 8-0 and now is going to the second round. Read More

Wins for Robles and Burns at Gugl-Meeting in Linz

Robles finished ahead of Serhiy Demydyuk of the Ukraine (13.32) and David Oliver (13.40) of the USA. Read More

The truth about the Cuban Five Published in Project Censored 2008

Every year Project Censored publishes a book that includes a number of chapters of topics that have been unreported and the 25 top ignored stories during the previous year before the publication of the book. Due to the fact that the case of the Cuban Five has been practically ignored for the past nine years, the importance of the case merited a chapter in the 2008 book that is being released at the beginning of September. Read More