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Cuban Doctors assist victims of Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua

The island's medical brigade, made up of 57 doctors, arrived in the Autonomous Region of the North Atlantic of Nicaragua last August to attend residents of that remote area.

According to Carlos Vila, head of the brigade, told reporters that after the damage caused by Felix, they began to work full time in the affected areas. He added that 40 Cuban doctors are also working at the hospital of Waspan, in the border with Honduras.

He said that these doctors will be transferred to Puerto Cabezas, the capital of the North Caribbean of Nicaragua, where they will bring tents as the hospital of this port city was severely damaged by the hurricane.

Cuban doctors in Puerto Cabezas have already attended 171 patients while others are doing it in other localities of the so-called Mining Triangle that includes the municipalities of Siuna, Rosita and Bonanza.

The Cuban medical brigade also includes 28 Nicaraguan students from the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine.

Source: ACN

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