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Rich Canadian widow is waiting in Cuba

If she could speak to President Bush, she says, "I would just tell him that my husband deposited that money years ago in case I ever needed it. Now I need it to pay my doctor bills and take care of other expenses." Read More

Martí and culinary traditions

Sensitivity and palate also coexisted in the greatest of all Cubans to turn him into an expert of the mysteries of famous dishes of the world. Read More

Cienfuegos Botanical Garden has 400 orchid breeds

Moreover, the garden treasures over 2,000 plants, including more than 70 exotic species, 280 breeds of palm trees, Jaguey (65) and bamboo (23). Read More

Carlos Lage gives Expocuba 2007 Awards

Among the most significant exhibits are those dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the fall of Ernesto Che Guevara in combat and the one to the emergency campaign hospital of the Henry Reeve International Medical Detachment. Read More

Iván Pedroso and the painful goodbye

Athletes prefer to retire in the exact moment when they understand that their skills are not the same. Its preferable a retirement in time than the constant humiliation of seeing themselves relegated by athletes who they beat once. Iván Pedroso does not need to prove anything else. He has a secure spot now, and for life among the immortals of Cuban sports. And that should be enough. Read More

Frank Fernández in Colombia

Fernández, labeled one of the most versatile performers of the present day, affirmed hes scheduled to have a presentation in the Colombian Ministry of Culture to launch CD "Dos trovadores" (Two Troubadours) along with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Danny Rivera. Read More

Special limited Habanos on market today

The Ediciones Limitadas 2007 is especially aimed for tobacco collectors and demanding smokers, and includes Trinidad Ingenios, Romeo y Julieta Escudos and Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos. Read More

Cuba is creating a new concept of tourism for the high tourist season

Minister of Tourism is creating a new concept of small heritage inns and working to make Cuba a "huge cultural plaza." Read More

Cubas Immunoassay Research Center reaches twenty

The research institution has the capacity to develop the equipment and the diagnostic techniques and the computer software required for its use; it also provides technical support and assistance to all its clients who use the technologies. Furthermore, it provides supervision to the healthcare programs where they are applied. Its leading products are the SUMA ultramicroanalytic system, and the UMELISA and UMTEST reagents kits used for diagnostic screening purposes. Read More

New university courses on Cuban Television

The University for All television programs resume their broadcasts with five new courses starting September 10. The classes are shown on the nationwide Cuban TV stations in different time blocks to accommodate different work and class schedules. Read More