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September 9th

Cuban Madonna, a chalcography work

"Oshun and the Virgin of la Caridad are one", so states the painter, and he has chosen to present her with his impeccable imagery gift; surrounded by children, fruits, fish; at a park, with a family and in very diverse ways within his contemporary discourse without disregarding the syncretic moral values. Read More

Miguel Barnet awarded Ibero-American Liberal Arts Prize

In granting the prize, the Chile-based Jury highlighted Barnet's memorable biographical novel "Biography of a Cimarron", and his outstanding literary quality. The Ibero-American prize was established in 2001 by the University of Talca and Chile's Santander Bank. Read More

Panama confirms participation in Havana Trade Fair

Setting up a pavilion for all the Panamanian companies attending the fair is an important step as Panama was one of the three countries participating in the first fair back 1983. Read More

US Musicians barred from International Jazz Festival in Cuba

Abel Prieto took part at the opening ceremony of the Jam Session Jazz festival, which was also attended by Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero, and the event's president, renowned Cuban musician Chucho Valdes. Read More

Dr Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, vice president of the Republic of Uganda visits Cuba

Dr. Balibaseka Bukenya expressed his satisfaction with the meeting during this, his first visit to Cuba, accompanied by Alintuma Nsambu, minister of information technology. Read More

Christopher Dood would end Cuba's embargo as president of United States

Democrat Christopher Dodd pledged Saturday that as president he would end a decades-old trade embargo with Cuba and lift travel restrictions to the communist island. The Connecticut senator also said he would open an embassy in Havana and shut down the 17-year-old TV Marti, a U.S. government-run station that broadcasts to Cuba. Read More

Season of mexican culture to open in Cuba

The event includes art exhibitions from Zacateca, the Mexican state to which the cultural season is dedicated this year. Cuba has also held a program of activities since July 6 paying homage to outstanding Mexican painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Read More

September 8th

Rich Canadian widow is waiting in Cuba

If she could speak to President Bush, she says, "I would just tell him that my husband deposited that money years ago in case I ever needed it. Now I need it to pay my doctor bills and take care of other expenses." Read More

Martí and culinary traditions

Sensitivity and palate also coexisted in the greatest of all Cubans to turn him into an expert of the mysteries of famous dishes of the world. Read More

Cienfuegos Botanical Garden has 400 orchid breeds

Moreover, the garden treasures over 2,000 plants, including more than 70 exotic species, 280 breeds of palm trees, Jaguey (65) and bamboo (23). Read More