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New university courses on Cuban Television

After nine weeks of summer recess, coinciding with school holidays, the University for All television programs resume their broadcasts with five new courses starting September 10.

The classes are shown on the nationwide Cuban TV stations in different time blocks to accommodate different work and class schedules.

The new courses for this year include New Trends in World Economics, which looks at the economic difficulties currently affecting developing countries, marked by the fast technological advances and the predatory effects of neo-liberal globalization. The course will also focus on underdeveloped countries, with a study of the so-called free market, monetary fluctuations subject to speculative transactions and the implications of foreign debt, a phenomenon closely linked to poverty and immigration in the Third World.

The other courses include third level French; Cubas Forests, related to the conservation and use of forestry resources; two courses on the history of Cuban music; and a course on Cuban Literature from the 19th century.

TV university classes are complemented with course textbooks printed on newspaper that can be purchased for less than .10 cents US at any of the countrys newsstands.

Source: Granma

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