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Mexican Demián Bichir will be Fidel Castro on two ocassions

The Mexican actor Demián Bichir will play the Cuban president Fidel Castro in two movies about the life of Ernesto Che Guevara (1928-1967) that the US director Steven Soderbergh is currently shooting in Spain . Read More

Artex markets with new products

The project is intended to show in practical products for the house, the image of Cuba through the creations of Cuban painters, among them Pedro Pablo Oliva, Mario Garcia Portela and Arturo Montoto from Pinar del Rio, as well as important artists of the overall country such as Roberto Fabelo, Zaida del Rio, Alfredo Sosa Bravo, Nancy Reyes, Pastor Perez, etc. Read More

A non-polluting aerosol plant opened in Havana

The plant will substitute the use of around 28 to 30 tons per year of Freon gas for other gases that do not affect the ozone layer and the environment. The project was sponsored by the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol with the support of the UN's Development Program. Read More

More than 200,000 Cubans attend or study computation ay Computation Young Clubs

Newspaper Juventud Rebelde highlights the impact of the installation of the Computation Young Clubs in all the municipalities of the nation, besides five buses dedicated to take this teaching to intricate places. Read More

Students from Guyana obtain scholarships in Cuba

According to the Cabinet Secretary 100 students will pursue studies in the medical field, 25 in engineering and 24 in agricultural science. An additional six students will join them under the CARICOM/ Cuba agreement. Read More

Cuban Social Workers improve life

Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde dedicated its cover to this event, a result of current transformations in Cuba to improve quality of life for the population. Read More

Cuban Mey Vidal canta Latin reggae

Although the only contact we've had was one long distance telephone interview, her cheerful disposition is inescapable. The pleasantness of her voice, and laughter which comes frequently during our brief conversation, was akin to that of a long lost friend. Read More

Colombian First Lady visits Cuba

The distinguished visitor will hold meetings with government and Cuban Women Federation leaders, and tour socially and culturally interesting places. Read More

Mali official in Cuba for meeting

Local press revealed the visitor will head his country's delegation at the 8th session of the Cuba-Mali Inter-governmental Commission September 11-12. Read More

The two golf courses in Cuba with the highest level

<p class="MsoNormal"><span>Golf practice came to Cuba with the American people who settled in the country in the second half of the 20<sup>th</sup> Century.<span> </span>This sport has never been a mass practice in the island even before the triumph of the Revolution; this was only practiced by upper classes.</span> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span> Read More