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September 2nd

Renowned cuban publisher's work acknowledged

According to experts, the dictionary is an in-depth tour of Cuban music, from the times when pre-Columbian aborigines danced the "areíto" to rap music in the 1990s. Read More

Cuba moves on Seismology Research

The Cuban archipelago is located in the same seismic belt that joins Central America with the extensive zone of the Pacific Ocean. Read More

New investments in Cuban Iron and Steel Plant

The investments at Antillana de Acero will double production to 500,000 tons during a five-year period. The company will supply 20 percent of exports in Cuba's iron and steel industry. Read More

Havana residents enjoy summer streets

"La Rampa" or 23rd Street, from the seawall near movie theatres and the famous Coppelia ice cream park all the way up to the corner of 23rd and 12th Streets, is always crowded. The dancing spots encourage friendships and romance with Cuban, Caribbean and Latin American musical rhythms everywhere. Read More

Cuba to host International Forum on Zoology

Topes de Collantes is an excellent venue to hold the meeting, as it is a protected natural area. The event will contribute to scientific-technical exchange among experts in biological sciences, the environment and the preservation of natural resources. Read More

Cuban vaccines appeal to Vietnamese

More than 70 specialists and officials of seven provinces in the Yen Bai region obtained information about Heberbiovac HB, an antidote for hepatitis B, and Quimi-Hib that fights human influenza B virus, developed by the Cuban Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology Center. They also learned about the DPT-Hib tetravalente vaccine, which can immunize against four diseases, and Hibevac, against pneumonia. Read More

Hurricane Felix passing north of Aruba

Hurricane Felix 11:00 am ast position 13.2 n 70.1 w. Movement toward west-northwest near 18 mph- 30 km/hr. Maximum sustained winds 105 mph. Minimum central pressure 980 mb. Read More

Cubans speak out at nominations

Packed into a garage space during an afternoon shower, about 200 neighbors came together in western Havana to decide who will run in the October 21 elections for municipal government. Read More

September 1st

Young Cuban girl in the finals of a competition in Asturias

The young Cuban girl, Carmen María Vázquez, is taking part in the ninth edition of the Spanish competition. She passed the final test of the International Violin Competition in Villa de Llanes, Asturia, Spain In the event there are also competitions in viola and cello. Read More

Iberian american secretary praises social work in Cuba

«It is very stimulating to know that there is a group of young people taking care of social problems. You are a very important strength in society; Im impressed that there are 42,000 people involved in this work. My congratulations for the beautiful task you are carrying out,» said Enrique Iglesias, general secretary of the Iberian American organization. Read More