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September 16th

Bureaucracy in Cuba: between distortion and rigidity

The bureaucracy will oppose anything that seems to limit its interests, its privileges, its ability to de-legitimize every constructive decision. Any legitimate freedom will face the bureaucracys hostility, in the form of indifference, extremism and distortion. Read More

Driulis González wins gold medal in Judo

With this triumph she became the only Cuban judoka with three golden medals in world events after obtaining the victory in Makuhari 1995 and Birmingham 1999 in 57 kilograms. Read More

September 15th

Ingrid reduced to a tropical depression with a few squalls

At 1100 am the Center of tropical depression Ingrid was located near latitude 16.4 north, longitude 53.7 west or about 510 miles-820 km east of the Lesser Antilles. Read More

Chucho eulogizes austrian pianist Joe Zawinul

Joe Zawinul died of cancer at 75. He was the founder of the Weather Report band, and entered at the Cuban culture forever with Chucho Valdes Read More

Cuban Yurisel Laborde wins gold at judo world championships

The championships will run through to September 16, with the participation of some 800 judokas from 120 countries and regions. All top five finishers secure the tickets to the Beijing Olympic Games. Read More

Cuban singer Benny Morés tomb to be declared National Monument

"I asked Compay Segundo (of Bueno Vista Social Club fame), who knew Moré during the 1940s, to describe the man behind the music. 'He was very tall and very black, he always wore a hat with a huge brim and he carried a cane, the veteran singer answered, 'he was a showman and he was the greatest of them all. No one else came near.'" Read More

Frida Khalo Centennial celebrated in Havana

"Frida Kahlo was born July 6, 1907. She wanted to be a physician, but a painful car accident, which would leave its mark throughout her life, left her a permanent convalescence and awoken her desire to paint. It also led her to strengthen her eternal union with Diego Rivera, the first person who believed in the value of her paintings. Read More

Cuba is preparing to quit Windows and avoid Microsoft

Its a measure aimed at breaking the dependence on programs that are under the control of US owners and also anticipating any claims by the patents owners for the use of this system in Cuba. Read More

Cuban Soccer Team finishes undefeated

The winner of the triangular match up will move on to the final round of eight teams from North and Central America, and the Caribbean, which will provide two slots to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Read More

FUNDACINE invites filmmakers to participate

The Portal of the Central American Audiovisual will become an interactive space including news, interviews to personalities, relevant information for the different specialists. Read More