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Choosing the musical piece of 2007 Holguin Carnivals
Musicologists, directors and composers integrate the jury that will select the musical piece of Holguin's 2007 Carnivals, to take place August 16th-19th.

Musicologists Ariel Dotres and Ana Luisa Tamayo, maestro Gaston Allen, director of the Aviles Orchestra, and composers Carlos Tome and Hugo Leyva will be choosing the song from among five pieces sent by local composers.

The contending works are La nueva onda del carnaval by Jose Felix Rodriguez, Nadie goza como yo by Ana Luisa Dominguez, El carnaval llego by Emilio Sanchez, ¡Que viva mi carnaval! by Jose Ramon del Campo and Si te metes en la conga by Ramon Ochoa Gonzalez.

Those pieces will be defended by popular local singers as Dania Torres, Cunagua, Ramon Viada, Delvis Lozano and Grisel Velasquez, who will be accompanied by the Fusion Latina group, and the arrangements by Joel Rodriguez Milord, Emilio Sanchez and Yandri Cespedes.

The people will know the jury's decision during the show to be held this Saturday night in front of La Periquera museum, National Monument.

Source: Cubarte

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