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To rescue the

Years before a ¨guayabera¨ was not only a symbol of Cuban identity, but also of distinction and elegance; nowadays it is really hard to see someone in a party wearing such Cuban garment, which is part of our idiosyncrasy and traditions.

Perhaps, to copy and follow foreign fashion and the lack of continuity, have a lot to do with this phenomenon, but the truth is that the task of rescuing the traditions we have losen, is in the hands of the media, the educators and the people in charge of promoting culture.

To look for the ways to approach young people to distinctive elements like the¨guayabera¨, which has identified Cubans throughout history, to talk about it, explain its origins, as well as to perform ancient scenes, constitute important goals we have to achieve.

On August 4th, the San Cristóbal municipality will be the host of the Guayabera Dance so we will realize how much we can do in every territory to rescue our roots.

This event gives the traditional music lovers the possibility to enjoy all the Cuban genres, always wearing this simple and elegant garment.

The participants, apart from having fun, are awarded the best couple and the best ¨guayabera¨ design.

The day becomes a party and with very solid goals, while every year what seems old-fashioned in other places, in San Cristobal continues being a custom.

The Guayabera Festival allows the youngest members of the family to get related to pure Cuban elements, as well as to spread values of love for our grandparents' customs, and of course the respect towards that part of our ancestors' history.

We have to rescue what is ours, we do not have to borrow anything, it is there; and the thing is not to wear a guayabera in every single birthday party, but it is to know its origin and not to see it as an old-fashioned and meaningless object, because absolutely it is not.

Source: Cubarte

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