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Cuba: new refrigerators save energy in Sancti Spiritus
The replacement of high electricity consumption appliances -specially refrigerators- is one of the Energy Revolutions measures that has yield best results in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, where the over 70 000 units already replaced have allowed the saving of 6 megawatts.

This is a significative figure for this territory where it has been reported 104 megawatts during the peak hours. It is estimated that the present program will save 1 000 million dollars per year in the country.

In a speech delivered in Pinar del Rio in January 2006, Cuban President Fidel Castro gave a large explanation about the many advantages of the Energy Revolution project launched in the island and referred to the new concepts for the renovation and modernization of the national generation and distribution network.

Fidel also stressed other essential goals like the reduction in the use of hydrocarbons, the adequate use of fuel and the introduction of technological methods that permit saving great quantities of dollars every year.


Source: By Enrique Ojito Linares, Escambray

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