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Tests on cuban hydraulic work successful

The tests are being carried out after 300 meters of high-density polyethylene pipes were laid. Read More

Excellent rehabilitation for visually impaired people

According to experts, more than 1,600 Cubans and a group of foreign students have benefited from training programs offered by that institution. Read More

Statement by minister or Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba at the United Nations

Statement by H.E. Mr. Felipe Pérez Roque, minister or Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, under agenda item "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba" Read More

'Dissidences and coincidences', exhibition by Eduardo Moltó in Mexico

Entitled Disidencias y coincidencias (Dissidences and coincidences), the samples will be shown in the capital of Mexico, in Aristo gallery and it is made up of 35 works in which body painting is included. Read More

Tourist attractions in Old Havana

The Lonja del Comercio (Trade Market), located on the Saint Francis of Assisi Square and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Read More

Flags handed over to Cuban Teams

The Cuban teams of baseball and female volleyball to take part in the World Cups in Chinese Taipei and Japan, respectively, were handed over national flags at the Havana Sports City Monday. Read More

Caribbean-Cuban folkloric dance to Aragón

The Festivals 8th edition approaches most significant Caribbean-Cuban folkloric and ethnographic roots to a present-day performance of dances, songs and music. Read More

Another bridge between Cuba and China

Chinese students coming to Cuba to improve their Spanish for the 2008 Olympic Games met with the Cuban representatives in China Read More

Cuba hitting oil production goals

Pointing to the totally automated refinery in Havana, Cubas vice president said the country is also in the position to increase the number of oil and gas wells being drilled Read More

Noel meandering near the north coast of Cuba.

At 200 pm edt the center of tropical storm Noel was located near latitude 22.6 north longitude 78.8 west or about 190 miles-305 km south-southwest of Nassau. This position is just off the north coast of Cuba near Cayo Santa Maria. Read More