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The US anti-Cuba measure on health sector exposed at United Nation

Cuba's health and food sectors appear as the most vulnerable areas for the US blockade. Cuban medical institutions, which offer the population free health care, have experienced the damage of emergency services since they have no access to modern diagnostic techniques or medications produced in the United States. Read More

Cuba to screen anti-terrorist film

Directed by Italian Angelo Rizzo, the film is based on events in the Island from April 12 to September 4, one of which caused the death of young Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo. Read More

2008, International Year of Che in Argentina

The activities are scheduled to commemorate Che"s 80th birthday (June 14) and will pay tribute to one of the greatest revolutionaries in the history of humankind. Read More

Premieres to celebrate the Cuban Culture Day

Amaury Pérez will present one of his books, Teresita Fernández will be in concert and the event will be enlivened with get-together on literature and history, art exhibitions and recitals, all of which honours Cubas memorable dates October 10 and the creation of the National Anthem. Read More

Raul Castro Receives Honduran President

There are currently 400 Cuban doctors working in Honduras, while 1,000 young people from that nation are studying in Cuba - 500 of them as medical students. Read More

Cuban meteorological radar station to increase services in the Caribbean

The location of the new calculation devices in this radar station would allow increasing the available information for time forecast in the region. Read More

Pre election test scheduled for sunday

A country wide overall assessment of the functioning of polling stations will be held with a view to the upcoming round of municipal elections Read More

FAO recognizes Cuba's efforts in food security

With the motto of 'The Right to Food', the FAO is seeking "to sensitize society on the importance of agriculture and food," in a planet where 60 percent of the 10.9 million children under five years of age who pass away annually in the underdeveloped countries, die from malnutrition. Read More

Cuban Ping Pong player 31st in world ranking

Cuban table tennis player Andy Pereira continues on top of the world rankings, after the International Federation (ITTF) placed him at 31st in the Junior Circuit Read More

Cuba-Russia trade more than doubles

Current trade involves sectors such as transportation mainly railroad transportation, aviation and automobiles, telecommunications, biotechnology export of Cuban products including a vaccine to fight Hepatitis type B, and tourism Russia is focused mainly on health and eco-tourism. Read More