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Javier Sotomayor: the standards in high jumping are on the decline

World record holder Javier Sotamyor of Cuba said Wednesday that the standards of high jumping are going down day by day. Read More

Panamanian President congratulates graduates using Cuban Literacy Method

The literacy program is aimed at 188,000 Panamanians who, according to a recent census, are illiterate. It seeks to teach the first 40,000 by the end of this year and the rest by the end of 2008. Read More

Dayron Robles, the Athlete of the Year?

No other Cuban athlete had a season as outstanding as Robles. The boy from the eastern province of Guantanamo has proved in 2007 that he's likely to be Cuba's major hope in Beijing. Read More

Cuba loses to China in Basketball World League

Cubans led the game during the first two quarters of the match, scoring 21-13 and 22-20. However they lagged behind on the second half scoring 21-29 and 12-20. Read More

United States denied many visas to Cuban researchers invited to attend scientific events

In spite of obstacles imposed by the US government, science in Cuba has a solid base although it is a matter of principle to denounce the problems this absurd policy provokes. Read More

Special Briefing following President Bush's remarks on Cuba Policy with Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez

Special briefing with the press on Cuba policy will be held in the Department of State's Press Briefing Room (Room 2209) on Wednesday, October 24, at 2:30 p.m. Read More

Bush touting Cuban life after Castro

Bush proposes at least three initiatives: the creation of an international "freedom fund" to help Cuba's potential rebuilding of its country one day; a U.S. licensing of private groups to provide Internet access to Cuban students, and an invitation to Cuban youth to join a scholarship program. Read More

Meditations and extreme situations of a painter: Darián González Castañeda

Through pieces of varied formats, Darián González makes his own journey to the inside of an individual, to his concerns and needs. 'Transfigurations is the name of his most recent exhibition presented in May at the Arts Gallery of the Avellaneda Hall in the National Theater of the Cuban capital. Read More

Cuba confident of sending more than 300 athletes to Beijing 2008

In the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Cuba came 11th on the medals standings with 27 medals, including nine gold. Read More

Carlos Acosta will dance with artists from Ballet Nacional de Cuba

For this show, Acosta takes three pieces by Cuban choreographer Alberto Mendez, plus a showpiece pas de deux from Le Corsaire, and links them together with a modern day narrative, involving a bookish girl and her no-good boyfriend. Read More