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Cuban Resolution against U.S blockade circulating in the United Nations

The document is titled, "Need to End the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba." It is backed by an annual report to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, containing 120 statements from countries and institutions that oppose the blockade, up from the 98 registered in 2006. Read More

Cuba admits teacher drain due to low pay

Education Minister Luis Ignacio Gomez detailed the loss of teachers at a hearing of a committee of the National Assembly, Cuba's legislature. "He recognized that the causes of the exodus include insufficient pay, not in accordance with the intensity and responsibility of the work teachers do". Read More

Marvel of cuban engineering slated as National Monument

One of the seven marvels of Cuban civil engineering, Havanas Albear Aqueduct will be proclaimed a National Monument on January 11. Read More

Cuba's Alarcon uncertain on Castro's re-election

"Revolutionaries never retire," Alarcon said. Castro is "rehabilitating and recuperating" while keeping up with political and economic developments in Cuba and overseas. Read More

On bike in Cuba for cancer charity

ARC Cancer Support Centre, is a voluntary organisation and registered charity. The first of its kind, the aim of ARC House is to provide a professional support service to adults affected by all types of cancer, no matter where they are being treated in Ireland. A holistic approach to support is used as a complement to primary medical treatment. Read More

Cubas star infielder Yulieski Gourriel recovering

Yulieski Gourriel says he is not worried about an injured right leg or the two consecutive losses Cuba suffered at the hands of Venezuela before winning a recent tournament Read More

Venezuela warns U.S. that "Cuba is Not Alone"

The US president called on the international community to prepare for a "transition" in Cuba and vowed to maintain the embargo of the island. Both Venezuelan and Cuban authorities rejected the statements, labeling them "imperialist aggression." Read More

Cuba responds to Bush

"In a speech lasting a little over one hour, Felipe Pérez Roque stated that Cuba considers that the words of the U.S. president herald "an unprecedented escalation in the anti-Cuba policy" of more blockade, more subversion, and more attempts at isolation. Read More

Main parts of the speech by President W. Bush

Main fragments of the speech held by President George W. Bush at the State Department last wednesday, about Read More

"Bird Guide", Cuban birds and their relationship with wetlands

The Bird Guide, "Common birds of Cuban wetlands", catalogued as the first pocket guide written in Cuba and a fundamental tool for bird identification and monitoring in natural areas of the country, is the result of a wide research work carried out by Dr Lourdes Mugica and a research team of the Faculty of Biology of the University of La Habana. Read More