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 Caribbean-Cuban folkloric dance to Aragón

The Cuban company Teatro de la Danza del Caribe de Santiago de Cuba presented the all-time amazing modern folkloric dance, Súlkary, at the Periferias Festival held in the Spanish city of Huesca.

The release also opens a broad space for cultural exchange and communication among the Spanish-speaking peoples in relation to music and dance, art exhibitions, cinema, theatre and fashion. Both the Cuban performers as much as the Afro-Cuban art they stage were warmly welcome in Aragón.

The Festivals 8th edition approaches most significant Caribbean-Cuban folkloric and ethnographic roots to a present-day performance of dances, songs and music.
Juanjo Javierre, director of the event praised, in particular, Aragon's art and artists and those of Cuba, Argentina, Canada and Tailandia, whose representatives will dance contemporaneous music rhythms and genres from flamenco to hip hop.

The easy-to-follow slow sensual belly dance moves, holistic body approach, and seduction secrets that Sulkary implies combined with the spice up that Cuban dancers know to season onstage performances set a landmark in the theatre trajectory of Maestro Eduardo Rivero also a paradigm in the aligning body, mind and spirit in presenting the timeless expression of sensual dance. Not surprisingly the dance became rather more erotic than spiritual tinted with a humanist expression of portraying most varied cultural identities that crowd our globalized planet.

Source: By Uriel Medina, CubaSi

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