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Cuban governmental commission checks rain-affected regions

The mission, led by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura and Esteban Lazo Hernandez, members of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, toured six provincial territories Read More

Cuba and Venezuela strengthen integration project

Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez sign 14 new initiatives for increased economic integration between the two countries under the framework of the ALBA agreement. Read More

First graduation of chinese students in Cuba

Students and officials from the Asian nation expressed their gratitude to Fidel Castro for the constant support given to the program Read More

Cuban Science Web Portal wins International Award

This portal has been online since last year and can be accessed at The site is in Spanish, English and French; so far this year, it has received 4 million visits. Read More

Martí diverse and total

It is about the Life and Work of the Hero Jose Martí, a book written by Cintio Vitier in 1998, for a Venezuelan Publishing House and reprint later by the Center of Studies of Martí. Read More

Cuba and US will help Fiji boxing

Fiji Amateur Boxing Association will be getting assistance from Cuba and USA to revamp the sports back in the country. Read More

Cuban Medical Cooperation is helping the healthcare in Guyana

Guyana's President Bharrat Jagdeo expressed his gratitude to the Cuban government for its support in the field of healthcare and highlighted the excellent work of the Cuban doctors paying service in a newly open hospital in his country. Read More

Another literary Fiesta in Havana

The interactive forum Caliban before globalization, held at Havanas Main Computer Center, was another important moment of the intense day. Read More

Patrick Georges Pillay, Seychelles Foreign Minister arrived to Cuba

Seychelles Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Patrick Georges Pillay, arrived Monday in Havana on official visit at the invitation of Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque. Read More

A Petrochemical Plant will be constructed by Cuba and Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Sunday the installation of a petrochemical plant for the production of oil by-products such as medicaments, cosmetics, clothes, and footwear in the Cuban central province of Cienfuegos. Read More